This is What Happens When You Reply to Spam Emails - James Veitch

17 November 2021

Here’s someone I hadn’t heard of but have recently been getting into. A brief introduction to James Veitch! Setting the record for the fastest ever TED Talk to garner over 10 million views, James Veitch discusses what happens when you respond to spam emails. James Veitch is a UK-based comedian, writer and musician, known for his hilarious presentations and nerdy digital contents. Through his high-tech comedy approach towards the confounding and rapidly-advancing technology we are living with, he discussed how scammers use spam emails to make their way to your inbox and then to your bank accounts.

Replying to or clicking on spam email links confirms that the email address is active and this makes you an easy target for further scams and campaigns. In many cases, the spam links sent to your email direct to a professional-looking website. When you follow the website and fill up anything there – personal information, username and password, transaction numbers, bank account details, or credit card numbers – ALL go to the scammer. This can put your financial status at stake.

In other cases, according to James Veitch clicking on an attachment or link in the spam email can automatically download spyware or a virus onto your device. So, whenever you type anything on your device – including your bank details, confidential information or login details – it will be sent to the hacker. Another popular way of scamming that James Veitch discussed in TED Talks is sending you an attractive offer or business proposal, mostly where you can “earn thousands of pounds.” (or dollars!) And that’s a scam!

When you respond to these sort of emails confident you’re going to make money, it’s more than likely it’s a trap explicitly designed to get you to pay a certain sum of money “to get started”. This is a red flag! Ideally, one should not reply to any spam email, no matter how lucrative the offer is. But what former Apple Store genius – James Veitch – allegedly does is, reply to these emails in his unique “pranking” way. According to James Veitch, “All I’m doing is wasting their time. And I think any time they’re spending with me is time they’re not spending scamming vulnerable adults.”

And that is James Veitch way of responding to spam emails! On a serious note, you should be cautious not to reply to spam emails or fall prey to any “lucrative business proposal” or emotional “donate” messages.

James Veitch is an avid writer and his book, Dot Con, is listed as a best seller. It’s available on Amazon and Good Reads. James Veitch’s the brain behind the game “Lockdown! The Game!” and apparently has an interest in music with songs on Spotify & Apple Music. Follow James Veitch to explore more of his geeky comedy about everything that is love, life and technology.